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Email, phone and images will be used as much as possible for consults to help avoid spread of disease. If I have visited your flock, or had an in clinic appointment with your bird/s, within the last 12 months, I can give a tentative diagnosis and offer treatment advice. If not, I can only offer advice other than treatment or diagnostics as this requires a valid Veterinary-Client-Patient-Relationship (VCPR). 

I will be unable to perform flock visits or do in clinic exams until further notice due to an upcoming personal event. 

Our advice is valuable as you can be assured of credible answers from a board certified poultry veterinarian. The current Online/Phone consultation charge is $35 and will be billed after the consult via e-mail. If you don't have an e-mail, an invoice via regular mail can be sent.  If your issue is something that requires an in-person exam/visit, we will advise on a local poultry or avian veterinarian or a veterinarian with an interest in poultry that may be able to assist you.

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